Schedule of Events:

         Thursday afternoon, June 2. Arrive, check in, set up.

         Friday, June 3. Morning Tech session. Noon(ish) car show on the Greensburg town square combined with lunch (on your own) and shopping.  Afternoon Rally to supper Buffet at Stones Family Restaurant in Milhousen.

         Saturday, June 4. Morning Tech session. Group drive to lunch. Afternoon club car show at the High Point Orchard. Banquet and awards.

         Sunday, June 5. Depart


The Friday tech session will feature removal of a Series V rear axle center section. Saturday tech session is open, looking for ideas/volunteers.



Hotel Reservation Link/information:


Here is the link to use to reserve your room for $89 a night. Plus tax, of course.


The link worked for me. However, it shows departure on Monday, so be sure to change that. The group code is "SAO".


If you are unsure if you will be able to attend, please go ahead and register as they have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Corporate will allow Greensburg to reserve only 15 rooms as the hotel market gets a little crazy in June, what with weddings and graduation parties. However, we have a floating reserve, so that after 30 rooms have been reserved, 15 will still be available. So it is important that as many as possible register as early as possible.


If it becomes necessary to contact the hotel, DO NOT CALL AN 800 NUMBER. That will take you to corporate reservations and they know nothing of the special arrangement.

Call Greensburg Hampton Inn at (812)663-5000 and mention Sunbeam Owners Club. If the desk clerk cannot solve your problem, ask for Sally.



Print and complete form & mail check to Bill Blue

registration form click here